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Obtaining a Government Grant For a High School Education

Many educational grants are offered for college students. A student can benefit from a high school grant, especially if that student comes from a family with low income.
If a student has problems dealing with the tuition costs there are many financial options he can choose. There are many families that use these high school grants to support the education needs of their students. The government is willing to help the students with few financial possibilities.
But the student must prove that he is willing to take up the technical trainship and that they will pursue a career. The grants are going to help them get equipment and also to improve their abilities.
A high school grant is one of the best ways to fund the education. The great thing is that, unlike the loans, this form of aid must not be repaid. The only important thing is that you must use the money to study and develop the skills. The grants can be used for many challenging applications.
You can submit at any time you want. But there are many students that are trying to get these grants and the competition is fierce. So make sure your application is one of the best so that you can take up the grant. There is absolutely no limit on how many schools offer this grant. This means you will have to do a great research. You need to write a small essay and explain what you want to do. After filling in the application form, and also complete the essay, you are able to send the application.
The waiting time is between 2 or 5 weeks and you will get the money in the email. The government will sponsor the grants. There are many educational foundations and a lot of organizations that offer these sponsorship programs. If you know how to look for them, you will be able to get the sponsorship program that you need. The programs have a good public relations bureau that deal with consumers.

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How to Improve Your Essay Writing

Writing a good essay is a tedious job for students from a long time, but with an appropriate guidance one can improve his write-up very easily.
The importance of writing quality articles and essays has gain tremendous significance over last several years. Now Universities around the world focus hugely on helping students to improve their writing ability. They primarily emphasize on essay writing tips and guidelines for students. The main reason for this change is because article writing, homework and dissertations makes students more comfortable with understanding the subject matter and more capable to apply theoretical concepts into practical scenario. But sometimes this regular assistance for writing seems less to guide some students for writing quality articles. As a result they require extra help for understanding the basics and formats of essays. For such students Online Essay Tutoring can be very effective and result oriented.
The abilities of writing quality essays can be improved by providing tutoring from experts. Essays writing is an art and with assistance from expert of essays writing one can shape his essay and improve his grades.
As a result from a survey it can be stated that students who get extra assistance for developing writing skills score better grades than those who prepare essays on their own. The interactions with online essay tutors make students comfortable with their assignments and as a result they finish with better marks and compete with others. A discussion with the online tutors helps students to improve their thinking ability.

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How Can Cloud Computing Impact Higher Education Positively in Africa?

One could define cloud computing as an internet based computing where by shared resources, software and information are provided for computers and devices on demand. A lot of people have talked about cloud computing. Their ideas have summed up the basic task of cloud computing. Steve Jobs, late chairman of Apple (1997) said "I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster... carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison."
Currently, cloud computing has become a significant and major trend both big and small businesses, governments, individuals use cloud computing to make everyday life less complicated. One aspect of society which is strongly influenced by the concept of cloud computing is Education. Nelson Mandela once said that 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.' Education is one essential tool which every individual is entitled to.
Before the introduction of cloud computing, the process of gaining Higher education was tedious and stressful one. Students and faculty were both faced with all sorts of dreary tasks like... 'I WONT DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. Go look for said tasks'.
This is where the benefits of cloud computing comes in to make education less stressful on both to students and teachers. Since this paper is targeting higher education in Africa, let us discuss the roots of education in Africa. Africa is a continent that is in the process of figuring out its path in education in relation to advanced technology.
Cloud computing has the potential to change the face of Education in Africa while ensuring that everyone gets access to said education. Africa is made up of a lot of countries, some being much developed than others in terms of technology in education. But the baseline is 'how can cloud computing effectively benefit and impact higher education in Africa?'
• It allows students to have access to learning materials from any location
• It facilitates the day to day operations of institutions that provide this service
• It helps teachers easily keep track of student progress
• Allows for easy identification and authentication meaning only those supposed to have access to materials and other stuff will as opposed to books and paper records where anyone can have access
With the integration of cloud computing services into higher education in Africa, the use of textbooks, hard copy papers on journals and handwritten notes will be at its minimal. Notes, articles and all other soft copy documents can be retrieved from the cloud server at any time to use. Students do not have to carry heavy books around any more. All reading material that has a soft copy can be uploaded to the cloud.
Also, the use of floppy disk, external hard drives, pen drives will be used less or possibly not all. Instead of carrying around these items that will contain your important documents, you can easily access it from your cloud provider. Currently almost all software supports the cloud. Adobe and others like Microsoft have made provision for these services and it is so convenient for individual use. So, you forgetting your flash drive somewhere and not having access to your documents will not be happening any more or your document being corrupted. You can have access to your documents anywhere at any time. Also, it will save a student's money... You don't need to spend money on a flash drive or an external.
To the benefit of both the teacher and the student, issuing assignments have become really simple and every student is assured of having access to it. The problem with copying assignments from friends is that the information is not always accurate. There is something always missing. So now, whether you are in class or not, a student is assured of having access to assignments in its original correct form. There is no need for a stack of printed assignments to be distributed to over a hundred students for instance.
It is not just the staff and the student body that can enjoy from the cloud. Administration of the school can also benefit from the cloud. School administration can send notices concerning the students via the cloud. Instead of pasting papers and postures on the notice boards, it can be uploaded to the cloud for easy access. How easy is that?
Technically, everyone benefits from the cloud. Last but not the least; virtual classrooms have become realistic in the African higher institutions using the cloud. On-line courses can now be put in full force because every activity, research notes, lecture voice tutorials, assignments and all relevant documents can now be uploaded to the cloud. All students can have full access to the same information at all times. With this, people who cannot attend class like regular students due to day time jobs or other related events can equally have access to information just as a regular student does.
I am concentrating on higher education because that is the level of education in Africa where the cloud concept can be effectively implemented. They have access to technological infrastructure like phones, laptops, tablets etc. that can support the use of the cloud and it is quite feasible to be implemented at this level.

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5 Ways To Add Depth For Essay Topics in Academic Writing

For Academic writing, making a quality essay topic or topic for essay that can capture attention and maintain a high level of energy depends on the individual's interest and points being made. There are a lot of quality essays being made and being graded that each of them will have their own way to them. There are a few characteristics that can contribute to a quality essay that may not be included in some other types of documents.
Thesis statements
Supporting arguments with facts
Supporting arguments with reason
Being clear
Being specific
In Academic Writing, Thesis Statements Add-Depth
A quality thesis statement is the result of the paper's direction. The entire document will be either confirming, arguing or ignoring the thesis statement and therefore choosing a topic that doesn't have much to it at all, can lead to some low grades and lower scores. The quality of the thesis depends on the depth of information and the point being made.
Supporting The Argument With Facts
High quality essays often times have some of the most magnetic and interesting supporting statements for essay topics that are introduced to the grader. These statements are bold, captivating and provide some of the more in depth supporting statements that could be involved in writing an essay. Sometimes they go over the line and that's exactly what they are supposed to do. Arguing for a thesis statement can sometimes bring some research that wasn't known previously to the grader at all.
In Academic Writing Reason Takes The Place Of Opinion
Supporting the argument with pure reason adds a higher degree and since reason is universal there isn't anything to reason against it. All the while, if the grader is interested and must reason for themselves, then they are engaged and the point of the paper has been made and supported.
Being clear about the essay topics and arguments make it so that each individual doesn't have to respond to a plethora of meanings or different situations and can address the question directly. If the person is arguing in a clear manner about some of the instances involved with their topic and thesis statement, then the paper will have a chance to be heard. This improves the academic writing and the students skills.
Being Specific But Not Overly
Being specific engages the reason that's involved in creating a research paper and can always offer something greater. Being specific means that the point is being clearly stated without any vague notions of what it could mean. This often times make the difference between grades and a pass or a fail according to the grader.

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Make Your Admission Essay Stand Out

A quality college admission essay will set you apart from other candidates. If you have good scores, a good college admission essay will cement your place in the school of your dreams. If your scores are not as high as you would like them to be, an exceptional essay will help lift you up. Many students discover that the college admission essay is the deciding factor in admittance to a great university.
Some easy ways to make your essay stand out from the rest is to make sure it is not dull. No one wants to read a dry list of your achievements and extracurricular activities. Make your essay tell a story and have a clear, concise focus. Inject a little bit of humor to keep your essay from being too dry. Think about making your reader feel something. Whether it is a tug at the heartstrings, or a light-hearted smile, the admissions advisor will remember you from your essay, and that is a good thing. The goal of an admission is to help people better understand who you are.
Tone is crucial to the successful college admission essay. When describing yourself and your accomplishments, it can be easy to sound conceited. Make sure you also sound humble, and give credit to the people and circumstances in your life that have helped you get to where you are today. Have several other people read over your essay with their only focus being on your tone.
Nothing is worse than reading a stand out college admission essay and finding several grammatical and punctuation errors. In most cases, you only have 750 words to make your impression - make them good! Utilize spell check and make sure you read through your paper over and over with a fine-tooth comb. Take out unnecessary filler words because they can sound elementary and try to use an expansive vocabulary. This will also make your admission essay memorable.
A college admission essay is your key to the rest of your future. Its may not seem important when you are young, but as times passes the importance of a great college essay becomes clear. Use all the tools listed above to make sure you have an essay that will really stand out. This will help you to not only gain admission to the college of your dreams but will also put you on the right path for the rest of your life.
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Using Freelance Editing Services to Improve Your Academic Papers

It is very hard for any individual, even a professional editor, to proofread or edit his or her own written work. When you are familiar with a sentence, paragraph, or even full paper, you are less likely to see typos, spelling errors, or confusing parts in a written document. Someone who is looking at your paper with a "fresh" set of eyes will be able to spot errors and improve areas that are unclear. Proofreading and editing are extremely important parts of the writing process, and all written work can be greatly improved by a copy editor.
Professional freelance editors provide a great service for anyone looking to improve an academic paper, whether it is an essay, research paper, thesis, or dissertation. Using a professional editing service can help you get a better grade or better feedback from your adviser or teacher. If you are submitting your nonfiction work for publication, such as in a book, journal, or even online, the reviewer or editor will view your work more positively if it is well-written and error-free. Even if the ideas behind a written paper are innovative and important, a poorly written document prevents the reader from seeing the value of the paper.
A professional editor can make sure your essay, research paper, thesis, or dissertation is more understandable and free of errors. You can ask your freelance editor to focus on what is important to you, your adviser, or your teacher, whether it's making an argument, focusing on APA style, or being clear and concise.
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Monday, 4 July 2016

Trying to Purchase What's Not Yours to Buy: The Ted Cruz Citizenship Debacle

Most matters of indulgent personal want are simply governed by laws, policies, rules, and regulations, which cannot be ignored. For example, a man who enjoys fishing gets-up one sunny morning with a hankering to fish in a public lake a mile from where he lives, but does not have a State fishing license. He can, of course, bait his fishing line and arrogantly fish in the lake, at the expense of being caught and fined for not having a license, or he can purchase a license and fish legally. That would, of course, be the right thing to do. Then there are some privileges that just can't be bought, like an exemption from the age limit after which enlisting in the U.S. military service is impossible. There is a specific age cut-off, after which time you can't possibly buy your way into a military enlistment. Or, as another hypothetical example, how about a person who adores the legacy of General Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy and wants to become an official Son of the Confederacy, but only has relatives who fought for the North during the American Civil War. The rules governing the Sons of the Confederacy forbid such persons from gaining membership. Are you catching my drift? Many things that people want, and possibly crave, can't be purchased, because they are basically unqualified to buy them. This brings me to a question that seems to have a lot of people of the American electorate in an uproar in the early months of 2016; a question posed by the "Washington Post" that does have an answer that's as simple as the sum of 2 + 2. The question is, "Why do so many people hate Ted Cruz?" The "Washington Post" has applied some denigrating titles to Cruz, but could it be that Ted Cruz is trying to illegally buy something that he's not qualified to possess, and a lot of voters realize this salient fact? Actually, the answer that many wealthy and politically powerful Republicans don't want to hear is that Ted Cruz wants something that he is ineligible to possess, the U.S. Presidency, and, probably, over a third of the national Republican and independent electorate realize the truth of this very powerful reality.
For heaven's sake, Ted Cruz was born in Canada! Doesn't this cause the reasonable American voter to sit-up and ask himself, or herself, "what a Canadian-born dual citizen is doing representing himself as a candidate for the U.S. President for the 2016 General Election?" Well, laboring under the same misconception, I dare suppose that a person hypothetically born in Germany to a U.S. citizen mother and an Austrian father could spend most of his life in Germany and then come to the United States at the age of 36, spend a year living in Oklahoma, declare himself a natural-born citizen, and pay the required amount to become a candidate for the U.S. Presidency. Anyone, in fact, who pays the required fee for U.S Presidential candidacy may become listed as an independent candidate or one under a particular political party; the same as what George Romney did in 1968, even though he was born in Mexico. That doesn't, however, mean that the person, declared a candidate, is "really" a natural-born citizen, per Article 2, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution. I realize that Cruz grew-up in Texas, but all the while he retained dual Canadian citizenship until 2013, which is a profound Constitutional no-no.
As a matter of fact, the issue of natural-born citizenship was decided, and settled, by the honored Framers before the end of the Revolutionary War in 1781. The issue of natural-born citizenship generated no controversy among the Framers during the intense debate of the 1787 Constitutional Convention when Article 2, Section 2 was created; since most of those very wise men were also members of the 1776 Continental Congress when the meaning and understanding of the terminology became a done-deal. That was because the practical political philosophy of Emer Vattel, in his 1748 book, "Law of Nations," set-out the original principle and definition of natural-born citizenship (which was intensely studied by the Framers); that a natural-born citizen was, and is, one born in that country, or nation, to two parents who are also citizens of that country or nation. That is the distinction between ordinary U.S. citizenship, by naturalization as set forth in the U.S. Naturalization Act of 1790, and natural-born citizenship. And Vattel continued in his book to explain the reason why a President, or chief executive officer of a nation, should be a natural-born citizen. Simply put, Vattel saw the danger of allowing a person born in another country to one, or more, parents not born in the native country to assume the duties of a chief executive officer, due to international biases based on birth and parentage. Moreover, the definition of natural-born citizenship was by restated by U.S. Chief Justice Morrison Waite in the majority decision in the case of Minor v. Happersett, 66 U.S. 182 (1875), in which he affirmed the same definition that was first established by Emer Vattel; that a natural-born U.S citizen is a person born under the jurisdiction of the United States, or on U.S. soil, to U.S. citizen parents. This case was a precedent for 45 years until the 19th Amendment, in 1920, overturned it. But the 19th Amendment only overturned the main issue, the ratio decidendi, of the case, which was female voting rights. The definition of natural-born citizenship remained completely viable as an established constitutional precedent. It is, therefore, ridiculous for, supposedly, erudite constitutional scholars to say, in the 21st Century, that natural-born citizenship has never been defined by the U.S,. Supreme Court.
So, to realize that none of these foregoing historical facts have been discussed publicly by the American mainstream media, or by Ivy League academic pundits, to any extent causes great frustration in the minds of those members of the electorate who know the truth about the matter. When deliberate and intentional disregard for the highest law of the land causes important rules and mandates to be considered as moot and unimportant, someone has to stand-up with indignation and cry, "Foul!" For this reason, this essay has been penned.
The pen is only mightier than the sword when the people, who read and understand that what the writer has written has great import, unite and pursue the writer's goal. Thomas Paine wrote in 1775, "These are the times that try men's souls." in his historic publication, "Common Sense." Paine wrote what he did to unite the American colonists in a revolution against tyranny, in order for freedom and liberty to be established. Hence, the American Revolution was propelled by a desire for freedom to its fruition and victory, and from there to the Articles of Confederation, which led directly to the U.S. Constitution of 1789. Now that glorious Constitution is being denigrated by men and women who want to see tyranny replace the freedom and liberty that the U.S. Constitution was intended to perpetuate. Surely 2016 is as much a time that is trying the souls of all true Americans, as it was in 1775. Don't tread on those glorious Constitutional rules that were set-forth to be enforced and not ignored.

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